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About Us

In 2003, husband and wife, Steve and Brenda Okasi, decided they could provide better service to clients if they worked together as a firm instead of continuing their solo private practices. This gives them the opportunity to work as partners who genuinely like and respect each other. Everyone should be so lucky to work with good people. As a family law firm, we look at every client as a member of our big family.

At Okasi and Okasi law firm, we have earned a reputation for being skilled and aggressive advocates. We push hard for settlements that can provide timely and cost-effective compensation for our clients, but we’re always ready to take cases to trial. We spare no details or expenses when we prepare our clients’ cases for the negotiating table or courtroom. We’re willing to take the risk and invest the resources it takes to secure a favorable result for our clients.

When you contact the personal injury law firm of Okasi & Okasi, P.C., you will get the compassionate help and honest information you need to make the right choices about your case, because we understand what’s at stake for you. We’re here to help!