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Welcome to Okasi & Okasi, P.C.

Okasi & Okasi, P.C. is a law firm serving the Bronx and greater New York City area with personal, business, municipal and corporate legal services.

Our skilled staff is experienced in a broad range of legal matters. Most importantly, we are able to provide “big firm” experience and advice with individualized services designed to fit your particular situation.

Okasi & Okasi, P.C. offers extensive support in personal legal matters, ranging from personal injury and medical malpractice to real estate and immigration law issues to bankruptcy and business law to family law issues. Because personal issues or needs often spill over into business issues, our staff works on all levels in order to see the big picture, while following through on the smallest details. For example, a personal injury matter could involve ensuring that your business survives while you recover from an auto accident.

Running a business today is complicated due to the extensive mandates that force many matters of compliance upon the small or mid-sized business owner. With our extensive experience in corporate law, we have the ability to provide you with legal advice and assist you in the running of your corporation. We are proud of the attorneys we have assembled to respond to every aspect of your legal needs. Please contact us today at (718) 822-6800 if you have any questions. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and claims and work with you to evaluate how we can help successfully resolve the matters at hand.

In a nutshell… we’re here to help!